La soiree’ est finis…


La soiree’ est finis…

Le club Anglais est termine’…

Le travailler est compe’ter…

Nous somme tre’ fatiguee, mais contents…

(The soiree is finished…  The English club is done…  The work is complete… We are very tired, but happy…)  My apologies to those who actually speak (and spell) French correctly!

Yesterday we started the day being encouraged from Hebrews 12 to not grow weary, but to finish well the work that has been set before us.

This week we have played games, painted faces, blown up balloons, done yard work, and cooked lots of food. We’ve also had many opportunities for good conversations with both French and English speaking friends and acquaintances.  One might look at this list and wonder (out loud!), “Why?”  Why go across the ocean to play games, sing songs, and cook???

Because by playing games and singing songs in English, we have offered French families something they hunger for for their children’s sake – so that they might be offered living bread that fills and slakes the real hunger within.

Because by blowing up balloons and painting faces with butterflies (papillons) and Spider Man (pronounced “Speeder Man”) families in the community were attracted to investigate what this “association” was all about – knowing that the only really important association any one of us will ever have is with the King of Kings and Lord of LORDS, Jesus, the Christ.

By doing yard work and cooking food, we helped prepare a setting where neighbors and friends gathered together to get to know one another – a taste of our Heavenly home where we will gather and celebrate the awesome God we serve together for eternity – something we all long for and try to fill with other things.

Praise God for many opportunities for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared and his love to be made known to the nations.  This is a place where so many people groups are represented – and the harvest fields are ripe with the harvest.

Many doors have been opened to widen the reach of God’s ministry here.  We have been blessed to watch it happen in front of our eyes and to play even the smallest of roles.  God is kind to seemlessly blend his will with our joy.

We have a 1-day break between our time in Champigny and our time in Chalons.  We are headed into the heart of Paris today to take a very quick look at the “sights”.  We will return this evening for one last dinner and evening together with our sweet hosts, the Campbell’s, and prepare to break camp in the morning.

We head to Chalons en Champaigne tomorrow morning (by train) to serve, support, and encourage the Marshalls.  Please pray that we would belss them well, that we would finish our time in France continuing to be mindful of our impact on the ministries already happening and on the reputation of the Gospel itself.

And while you are at it – please pray for the youth to come to the baseball camp the Marshalls are planning.  The local government office has given permission for the camp to be held – but with no publicity!

Please pray against this attempt by the evil one to thwart godly connection with a demographic open and starving for the Good News.  Pray for the word (Word!) to get out, flyers or no flyers!

Serving Christ with You!


Isaac, Susannah, and Camille setting up for Cafe' Metro - the sign reads, "Take a coffee, speak some English"

Isaac, Susannah, and Camille setting up for Cafe’ Metro – the sign reads, “Take a coffee, speak some English”

Face Painting with Chloe and Camille - who knew this could be used for more than entertaining children?  :-)

Face Painting with Chloe and Camille – who knew this could be used for more than entertaining children? 🙂

La Soiree' de la liberte'

La Soiree’ de la liberte’


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  1. Laurie, thanks for this update! Continuing in prayer for you all as you rest today and head out for “Round 2” tomorrow. Praying especially that God will fill the field at the baseball camp!!

  2. Laurie – we prayed for you, the family, and for the work tonight in our team meeting. Can’t wait to hear more from you when you get back. Would love to see a guest post from one of the kids as well!

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