France 2014


So much of our lives are ordinary…  We wake up in the same beds, we get about the same businesses, we arrive at the same places at roughly the same times.  There is beauty in this – our God is a God of order.  Living an ordinary life well can bring glory to God in ways we often don’t realize.  Routine, structure, sameness – these can be the seedbeds for faithfulness, duty, steadfastness… But once in a while, the extra-ordinary punctuates our lives in profound ways. That is what is happening in my world – today. Today, we leave for a journey in France to serve, encourage, and assist two families who serve the Lord with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength in France. This little blog will take a journey, too. Come with us as we learn humility by trying to speak French to the French.  Come with us as we learn about pride as we seek to serve.  Come with us as my husband and I, with four of our children, learn to see God at work in people we don’t know but who are deeply loved. The suitcases are packed, the passports are ready, the last minute items are purchased…  We just need to live this especially un-ordinary day well and arrive in France ready to serve and learn.


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  1. Hi laurie, we are so excited to follow you on this journey! We are praying for you this morning. . .missing you here and thrilled that you are there. . .

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