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Sticky notes with prayer


I haven’t posted in a while – life is hard sometimes…

But this morning I was cleaning some files and piles out – trying to clear out the winter collection of neglected things on my “to-do” lists… filing always ends up being something that gets pushed down (or off) the list.

But I found this note – a prayer, really – that I remember writing on a couple of sticky notes while I was hurrying to get a bunch of other things done.  I don’t even know why I kept these – except that maybe they just got stuck to some other, seemingly more important papers.  I don’t tend to keep prayers – I don’t even tend to write them.  I say them and then, truthfully, I usually forget them.  I tend to pray “in the moment”.

But I’m wondering out loud if perhaps I should do more of this – writing down what I’m praying.  Prayer is encouraging.  Praying is encouraging.  Remembering prayers is encouraging, too, because we see so many more answers than when we’re simply in the thick of things.

Hopefully, sharing a prayer will be encouraging as well.  Here it is…

August 18, 2011

Whatever good I see is You.  Whatever kindness, whatever charitable act, whatever generosity – it is all You.  You have made us to reflect Yourself and even when we do not honor you with our lips and hearts, we do so with these reflections of who you are.  But how much sweeter must they be to you when we praise You at the same time?  How much more are you honored when we not only realize this truth for ourselves and thank You for these kindnesses, but when we also open our mouths to those around us with Your praises that simply cannot be held in?  Remind me to praise You out loud.  Embolden me to suffer the scoffing and mocking it might bring, and to count them as rubbish when compared to all that I have in You.

Lord, teach me to see your mercies for mankind as the gifts of love that they are. Teach me to ponder the depth of One who is so good that he is kind not only to his children but also to his enemies.

Teach me I pray, to see your immense pleasure in giving good gifts to your children, and teach me Father to seek the same pleasure in giving good gifts to those around me.  Teach me what the best gifts are, so that in each proper time, I might see not only the need around me but also the remedy for want.  Remind me that even the knowledge of my need to repent is a good gift from you. Keep me humble enough to see repentance as an opportunity to rid my life of everything that keeps me from loving you well.

Teach me Your word O God so that it would guide me even in this.  Help me in my memorization, for I fear that even in these stowed gems that I have stored away – I am losing what I already had.  Help me see age the way you see it, and not as the world sees it.

Help me to love doing good.  Help me to love those you love. And Lord, please help me to love those whom I perceive to be my enemies. Amen.


Hopefully this very ordinary prayer from an ordinary woman living a very small and ordinary life will be one such gift to encourage you, my reader.  If not, I know it was to me, for it reminded me of the only One who loves me fully, and tenderly – enough to lead me to some sticky notes with prayer.