Seeing hope through God’s calling of the next generation… Now


There are lots of ways to look around you and see God’s mighty hands at work in majestic, but sometimes tiny or slow ways.  I try to be ever more and more aware of the evidences of this around me – hence the impetus for this blog!

But sometimes His work is undeniably bold and big and so… evident.

That’s what I’m seeing all around me today.

I’m smack in the middle of almost 500 teenagers excited for their opportunities to get up in front of audiences – ranging in size from 2 or 3 to hundreds at a time – to present speeches, articulate well-reasoned ideas, and even entertain, but mostly to learn how to give an answer for the hope that is within them.

500 kids who know how to intelligently and winsomely articulate and share their faith.  500 kids who are already able to make an impact for the kingdom in the world around them.  500 kids who are being trained to think biblically, research both sides of an issue and understand those who disagree with them.  500 kids who are perhaps nervous when they get up in front of those audiences, but who have learned to not let that stop them from saying what they believe needs to be said.

And this is just the top of the competition list – the fortunate ones who made it to this level.  There are hundreds and hundreds more who did extremely well.  Hundreds more kids who are ready to speak with boldness and clarity the  Good News.

It is humbling to be here surrounded by so many gifted and talented kids.  It’s encouraging to see and hear how God is training them, molding them – using them even now.

It makes me want to do better in my own articulation of the truth.  It makes me glad we serve a God who chooses the seemingly foolish things of this world – like teenagers having something valuable to contribute – to confound the seemingly wise.  I wish that more of them would catch the vision of the bigger, higher purposes that God would have them participate with him on.  But I am glad, for now, to be in the midst of almost 500 kids who love the Lord and aren’t afraid or incapable of standing up in front of people and saying so.  You go guys!


What do you think?

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