I Want More


I know it’s not politically correct to say this, but I want more – lots more.  As Americans, we’re a greedy lot.  We want stuff – and lots of it.  Houses, cars, clothes, food – everything in big sizes and big quantities.   We buy magazines that show us more, we watch TV shows that tempt us with more, we overspend for more – we’re consumed with obtaining more, more, MORE!   And yet we all know that more stuff never satisfies – it just leaves us hungry for more.  We want to be satisfied, but for some silly reason we think that “just a little bit more” will do it, even while time and time again, it leaves us lacking still.

I know – I’ve wanted all that stuff, too.

But I want more.

I want more love.  I want more joy.  I want more peace.  I want more patience and kindness.  I want to be good and faithful and gentle.  I want more self-control.  I want more faith – in short, I want all that Jesus offers us through the Holy Spirit – I want Him.

Rather than leaving me lacking, He fills me up and makes me satisfied.  Like returning to a wonderful feast I can have all I want by simply asking – taking – enjoying.

But like prisoners of war – starving and lonely – who think back to Thanksgiving feasts with loved ones, I’m so prone to simply remembering the feast with longing.  I know He “can” provide it, but I don’t believe that it’s really still there if I simply knock on the door to be let in.  Why am I so often satisfied with remembering the feast, rather than returning to it?

When we’re trying to sort out what to do in big situations my husband and I often ask one another, “Do we trust God or do we just say that we do?”  It’s often the question that uncovers our real problem – lack of faith.  We’re trying to control things so that our ease and comfort are disturbed as little as possible.  But is that what God has promised us – to maintain the status quo?  I don’t want to be satisfied with such a low standard!

He promises to give us more if we will only ask, seek, knock.

Have you ever seen the excitement in a hungry infant when he knows milk is just about there?  There is no doubt in his mind that he will be fed!  His whole being eagerly anticipates the filling, satisfying meal.  Is his mother indignant because her baby knows she is faithful to supply what he needs and wants?  No, she, too is pleased that he has learned that he can depend on her.  When we want God the most, we glorify him – it’s that simple.  And it’s that beautiful.

I want to be that excited about being filled to the brim with the soul-satisfying Spirit of God.

A few days ago I asked, “How much more?”

I believe I’d like to find out.


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